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Benefits of Using Orbital Sander

Posted by Franklin Willis

As compared to sandpaper, an orbital sander is usually the best option to use for completing your DIY home renovating project. Finding a perfect orbital sander that can tackle any project is a difficult task. A random 15MM orbital sander is your lightweight, easy-to-handle, powerful and swirl-free solution for scraping. Covering quickly large sand areas such as furniture, car panels and even large carpentry projects, an orbital sander is a beneficial addition in your toolbox.

Let’s make up your mind for using orbital sander for sanding with some noticeable benefits of this powerful tool.

Advantages of Utilizing an Orbital Sander

  1. No more swirl marks

Have you ever used sandpaper? If yes, then you will know that sanding marks can create a mess, and it is not easy to clean this mess. But now you can say goodbye to ugly sand marks because a random orbital sander is a perfect solution for enjoying fine finishing.

  1. Air Source

Do you also get irritated due to dust particles during sanding? Now you don’t have to bear dust and sand particles because a random air orbital sander provides a constant flow of air during sanding and keeps the dust particles away from your working station.

  1. Adjusting of speed

It is true that handling the speed of an orbital sander is not easy, but with practice, you can be master in this work. Once you understand how to adjust the speed and rotation of orbital sander, sanding is no more difficult for you.

  1. Force of orbital sander

With sandpaper, you have to apply extra force for rotating and having the finishing of your desire. As compared to other electrical tools and sandpaper, an orbital sander can make your job a lot easier because it has a lot more power and torque.

  1. Adjusting weight on your side

A random orbital is much lighter and easy-to-handle. You can efficiently operate orbital sander even on the points that are not easy to reach with other sanding tools. Due to its lightweight, you can work for longer and complete any DIY project faster.

  1. Use pads

You can use 150mm large pads with you orbital sander and cover the large sanding surface areas in less time. The hooks and loops make it easier for you to change pads during sanding.

  1. Available in an affordable range

A random orbital sander is available at an affordable price that can easily fit in your tight budget.