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Is Qilin really a Chinese dragon or is it just an assumption that it is?

Posted by Franklin Willis

For those who are not aware of Qilin, then let me tell you that what really it is, it is basically a part of Chinese culture and they really do believe in this and it is an Asian thing. Many think that it is a Chinese dragon because the face of this creature looks like a dragon, but is it really? Now, let me tell you the truth.

Qilin is not a Chinese dragon, only the face of this creature looks like one, but its body is like a body of a horse or a deer and it has scales all over its body, just like a fish. So one cannot call it a Chinese dragon, because it is really a mixture of many animals at once. There is no particular color of Qilin, but mostly it is golden, but it can also be of different colors, like black or so but mostly it is golden.

Looking at the Qilin, it looks like it is something really evil or a really angry creature and something like that but there is nothing like that, Qilin is actually used for good luck and positive vibes only, according to people it is a symbol of positivity, wealth and harmony, so if you relate anything with Qilin, it gives good vibes to people and gives them confidence as well and because of this reason, many people have named their company and brand after this creature, so that they can create a positive thing around their brand name and so that people can relate to it.

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